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Cristina Galmiche has been committed to every skin that passes through her hands for over thirty years. It has two centers in Madrid and a cosmetic ritual of its own that was born twenty-five years ago as a cabin tool, to become a cosmetic project within reach of all pockets and destined. You have to know how to differentiate between a hygiene based on an artisanal extraction - whose thoroughness drains poro to pore impurities and sebaceous secretion of the patient - or a vague cleaning, which promises to clear the skin of residues of an external form - good example, are the cleanings with diamond tip or abrasive products. The manual extraction that develops the team of Cristina Galmiche, is a true technical feat if the efficiency is pursued. To emphasize its importance in our protocol, a piece of information; No beautician who has not spent at least one year under the supervision of Cristina herself, makes an extraction.

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