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Ignacio Gutiérrez López - Physiotherapist N ° 4165 - Master's degree in structural osteopathy - Specialist in cranial and visceral osteopathy - Specialist in manual lymphatic drainage - Specialist in sports physiotherapy - Colic specialist of infant Begoña Caldera Brea - Physiotherapist No. 3,311 - Specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction and obstetrics - Specialist in electrotherapy and biofeedback in urogynecology and coloproctology - Reeducation of male and female pelvic floor (urinary incontinence, prolapses, anal incontinence, anorectal fissures, hemorrhoids, constipation, sexual dysfunctions ) - Preparation for childbirth and postpartum reeducation. - Hipropsive abdominal gymnastics. - Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain. - Gymnastics for pregnant women. - Trainer in collaboration with Chantal Fabre Clergue: • Bases and foundations of Pelviperineology. • Propioceptive method pelvi-perineal 5p • Reeducation and sexuality. • Perineum pregnancy, nutrition and sexuality. - Collaborator of Chantal Fabre Clergue, specialist of reference in France. Trainer of Perineform (Association for the training of midwives and physiotherapists in pelvic floor reeducation), Marseille, France. Where he keeps coming to impart training and congresses. .

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