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I am Rongsheng Hu, many of you know me as Eddie and some as Rong. My path to the world of natural therapies and personal growth was happening throughout my life. It started in the wake of a motorcycle accident that I had. I do not remember exactly the date but the license plate of my motorcycle was M7536YD . Until then my life was very normal and common to many emigrants. I arrived in Europe in the year 81, at the age of 9 years, in particular to Holland where I spent two and a half years. Then I emigrated to France, there I lived for almost five years and at the end of '86 I came to Spain where I continued my studies at the French Lyceum. Due to family circumstances I could not do a university career. I dedicated myself to the family business, the hotel trade and later I ventured into the world of importing bazaar and decoration items. The motorcycle accident was serious with hip fracture and dislocation and fissures in two lumbar vertebrae that were not appreciated at the time. I was hospitalized for three and a half months and spent a long period of rehabilitation. I did not recover well with the official rehabilitation techniques. Then I began my search to recover my health and physical strength as I was quite a sportsman, I practiced mountain biking and some martial arts. I started looking for alternatives to the solutions offered by Western Medicine and decided to go to China to receive treatment, one month a year for two years. At the same time that they treated me, I asked my therapists and doctors to explain what they were doing to me in order to understand how the therapies applied to me worked. I also asked them to teach me to be able to self-treat because my life was in Spain and I only spent more than a month in China for family and work responsibilities. Then I started researching and learning on my own. That's how I came across different very useful therapies for my recovery.

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